An History

Chapel of the Ursulines

Pilgrims House • Aire-sur-l’adour
Built between 1871 and 1878
Become private in 1973
Open to the pilgrims in 1986
Its construction

A short-lived place of worship

During the French Revolution the monastery of Saint-Sever which sheltered Ursulines until 1797 was destroyed.
The community is installed in the Mas, in a disappeared maintaining house, and will stay there 103 years. Although vast, it turned out unsuitable for the monastic rules.
Lord Epivent (bishop of Aire and Dax) made build the chapel and the adjacent buildings from 1871. Died in 1876, he will not see the completion in 1878.
After the eviction of Ursulines in 1905, a small seminar was installed there in 1906. The chapel was acquired by a private individual in 1973.
The congregation of Ursulines was established in Italy by saint Angèle Merici (1474-1540), of whom here is in the center the sign of membership (AM). Present on of multiple elements of the chapel, we kept it as logo. (Sainta Ursula, by Benozzo Gozzoli, v. 1455-1460)
The altar was isolated by a railing today disappeared, to separate the sisters of the laymen during the service.
In 1906 a small seminar occupies places. Today the building situated at the bottom disappeared. It gave way to the court of the professional high school.
A life after the ursulines

Abandoned then restored by enthusiasts

During almost 50 years, the chapel, its sacristies, its basement were opened to any winds and occupied by eccentrics or invaded by pigeons.

For several years and around three successive owners, the Chapel was gradually saved then renovated.
Protected at the last minute until 2017, it is the object of all the attention of the family Jouaret today, which gets down to return its healthier and to restore its esthetics of former days.

Our association "Chapelle des Ursulines"
To help in the restoration of these heritage, an association federate voluntary and generous donors.
Every season brings its prize of works …
2018 – The Restoration of the stained-glass windows of the Chapel.

09 79 27 09 01 or 06 70 49 65 26

Opening time:

Opening : at 3 pm
Exit : before 9 am

40 rue Félix Despagnet, 40800 Aire-sur-l'Adour

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